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Learning is a Visa to Power
Culture is the Universal Passport for Global Citizenship
Creativity is our Greencard for Unlimited Access to Insight and Inspiration

Access the world through our Education and Community Partnership programs!
Education at the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute is a boundless world of international community and personal power, of achievement and possibility, of legacy and innovation.

CCCADI’s Education programs bring the myriad of music, literature, dance, visual arts, sacred philosophies, and ethos of the international African Diaspora—from Columbia to Cuba, Brooklyn to Brixton, from Ghana to Georgia—to you.

Come with us on an Afro-Disaporic journey and see Togo in your own batik cloth painting, listen to Puerto Rico in your friend’s drumming, and touch Africa on the fingertips of a dance partner or a new friend’s embrace.

CCCADI offers education programs for students, adults, families, as well as professional development for caretakers and educators.  As part of our Community Programs and Community Education efforts, we also support artist residencies, speakers bureaus, and commissioning initiatives to support the development of new work, new art, new knowledge, and new voices that speak to the contributions of the African Diaspora.

Come explore, come build community, come learn with us…


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