Campus Center

Lecture exchanges and Speakers Bureaus, cultural presentations, and symposium development consulting for college and university audiences.

These offerings are designed to meet the specific curriculum development needs of educators or the programmatic goals of student organizations.  We bring alive the culture and ideas that students are thinking, talking, and writing about.

The Creators Caucus

Artist Residencies, Resident-led workshops, and Resident showcases.

Through this program we enrich the artistic landscape and keep traditions relevant by supporting the development of new work and the evolution of culture. Artists and traditional cultural workers gain an enhanced ability to produce, practice, and share their work by accessing our space, our marketing, and our connections to broader communities.

Critical Growing

Professional and Personal Development opportunities.

Among these offerings are:

Village Work: Professional Development for Educators, Caretakers and Counselors, Village Work is a transformational laboratory for the purpose-driven sculptor of minds. In it caregivers design, refine, and share strategies that spark wholistic growth. Village Work workshops enable educators and caregivers to address cultural sensitivity issues, to incorporate the arts into their curriculums and approach, and to use methods for personal rejuvenation so they can remain resourceful, relevant, and ready to meet the challenges of teaching and mentoring. With an emphasis on culture, spirit, and our indwelling genius, each Village Work series is a passage that equips caregivers, elevates our students, and enriches our communities.

Rites of Passage Cycles, Incorporating leadership, critical thinking, community involvement, life planning skills, and creative expression into a process that builds long lasting supportive cohorts that are invested in their communities and equipped to actualize their personal visions.

Love What It Is, The Love! What it is! . . .
Heightening awareness of the affirming potential of love, Lowering tolerance for abuse, and Creating change agents against abuse in our communities. Love! What it Is! redefines the criteria for healthy experiences of intimate engagement and develops community change agents with clear alternatives to domestic violence.  The program introduces a concept of Love that includes five fundamental qualities or measures: Enabling, Clarifying, Healing, Liberating, Empowering. Each session of the program immerses participants in intensive, interactive, and practical engagements that activate one of the five indicators of Love thereby supplying them with tools for self-love preservation, and advancement, with reference points to identify abuse, and with routes out of abusive situations.


Roots and Stars, Illuminating Black Spiritual Genius and Exploring the Soul of the Black World. . .This salon series examines ancient African traditions, New World religious customs, as well as contemporary spiritual practices to understand the foundation and evolution of spiritual reachings throughout the Black World. Peering through the lenses of ethos, aesthetics, and practice, Roots and Stars uncovers voices of vibrant visionaries and tradition keepers who attest to the breadth of Our contribution to the Global Soulscape.


Village Work Confererence, pulling resources and Synthesizing strategies from cross sections of our communities, the annual Village Work Conference structural inequalities , uncovers local assets, and strengthens community capacity to more wholistically educate young people of color equipping to optimally contribute to their neighborhoods, countries, and international society at large.


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