Center T.L.C. : Touching Living Culture

Individual Arts-In-Ed Workshops, Extended Teaching-Artist Residencies, Assembly Performances, and Interactive Demonstrations for K – 12 audiences in any setting.

These programs have been designed to meet New York State Standards of Learning, to provide affirming cultural experiences that make students more invested in learning and more successful in class, and to enable cross-cultural dialogues and initiatives.

Performances represent cultures and people that span the globe. Some of our most popular have been drum and dance presentations including Haitian Rara, Puerto Rican Bomba y Plena, Trinidadian Carnival Characters, and Traditional Senegambian & Guinean folklore, music, and dance.

Workshop content spans Literacy & Language, Music, Dance & Theater, and the Visual Arts.

Some T.L.C. workshop offerings include:

Hip Hop Poetry Writing
Drums of the Diaspora
Film Production
Painting and Mural making
Comic Book Making
Mask Making
Modern Dance

Opportunities to experience our Center TLC will:

Spur academic learning processes in dynamic and fun ways
Access Multiple Intelligences and enable integrated learning
Build leadership, skill-sets, and confidence for college, careers, and community service
Deepen community ties and expand cultural understanding
Tap creativity, self-exploration, and self expression
Foster and build critical thinking skills
Unlock enthusiasm and hidden talent


Our programs can be customized to suit your budgetary parameters or to focus on a:

Geographic Region
Theme or Historical Time Period
Art Discipline ( Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Language and Literacy)
Final product ( CD, Book, Anthology, T-Shirts, Mural, Exhibit, Performance)


Emerge works by placing artists into a school or community center site over the course of a two or three month period wherein the artist regularly creates work – inclusive of rehearsing, composing, sketching, writing – at the site.  In exchange for this resource of space, the artists will facilitate 8 to 12 arts workshops.  At the culmination of the workshops students and or participants can make a presentation to their school/center community and they will be invited to a presentation of the artist’s work at another site.  The artist’s final showing references their experience at the site of residency by including either their students or the student’s work.

Emerge represents a new way of utilizing community and artistic resources to ensure the continued presence of art making and cultural engagement in communities where established means of arts access and patronage are losing support.  The program also is a means of giving platform to the cultures and cultural arts that have, up until now, been occupying the margins of the cultural landscape of our cities and our society at large.  Perhaps most importantly it also represents the emergence of a new definition of cultural space that blends education and the arts laying the groundwork for generations of young people who will be more versed and more respectful of world cultures.


Nex Gen Leaders of the Future Community Service Internship and Leadership Program

In this Youth and Community Development Initiative, young people receive internships, stipends, trips, art workshops, and professional development training to learn how successful career paths can serve their communities.  This program, just shy of a school year, is designed to nurture a new generation of skilled leaders who will develop local and global perspectives and strategies that will ensure that their individual advancement also enables their communities to thrive.


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