BAMBULA! Bronx Dance and Drum Festival

Pregones Theater

575 Walton Avenue

Bronx, NY 10451
BAMBULA! Bronx Dance and Drum Festival

Bombazo Dance Co Inc, Presents its First annual Bronx Dance and Drum Festival!

Come and enjoy an afternoon of the Bronx's own top dance and drum companies! From Mother Africa to the Caribbean, to Central and South America!!!! We are uniting cultures from the African Diaspora!

Our mission is to present through dance concerts and workshops companies who are maintaining their cultures through the power of the drum and dance! Sharing on stage what makes them similar while highlighting what makes them unique!

Join us! Let's Make That Drum Talk!®

Meet the companies!!! Get your tickets here:

Harambee Dance Company

In Swahili, Harambee means "let us pull together". Harambee Dance Company pulls together the essence of African and African-American dance and music presenting it from an innovative and exciting new contemporary perspective. Artistic Director and resident choreographer Sandella Malloy has developed a high-energy repertoire that pulls together African-based movement, modern dance forms, live percussion and original music, and vibrant costumes into captivating performances reflecting the majesty of the African Diaspora. In 1992 husband and wife team Sandella and Frank Malloy founded Harambee Dance Company in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston was one of the largest ports of entry for African slaves and remains the heart of the Gullah traditional, which is a blend of African and western cultures. The couple relocated to New York City in 1996 and Harambee Dance Company brought its own unique blend of traditional African dance vocabulary, modern dance and contemporary themes to the tri-state area. Sandella, Frank and their son/musical director Frank IV are the nucleus of the Harambee dance family. The 25-member company, which continues to ignite audiences around the world, is comprised of exceptionally skilled dancers and musicians versed in a multiplicity of styles and related art forms. Harambee Dance Company incorporates the traditional and contemporary to create a new style of African Dance. The company’s enlightening and thought-provoking presentations challenge audiences to expand their perception of dance. These are "moves" that touch the soul and are designed to build and strengthen a greater understanding of our diverse American cultural heritage.

Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Company

Chief Joseph Chatoyer Dance Group began in January of 2009. It started with the name Bodoma & Budari because it started with The Drums of Bodoma and the Dance of Burdari as a casual dancing a drumming over the weekends. Felix Gamboa who's now the Director of the group saw the potentials and took it a few steps further and organized a group and made it official. Thereafter the name was changed and was named after the Garifuna Hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice by dying in battle as he fiercely defended his country against attempts by the British to colonize his people in St. Vincent named: CHIEF JOSEPH CHATOYERToday, Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Ballet as now 20 members all designated to showcase the Garifuna Culture Drumming, Singing and Dancing to revitalize the Garifuna culture by expressing pride and strength within the Garifuna American Heritage. They have been Performing in Theatres, Museums, Schools, ParksOutdoor and indoor cultural events to maintain the Garifuna culture Alive in New York and the metropolitan area. Chief Joseph Chatoyer Dance group It’s Directed by Felix Gamboa born in Honduras on may 18, 1966 and migrated to the United States on December 23rd, 1985. Felix has devoted himself to promote the Garifuna culture to keep it alive.

Bronx Capoeira

A South Bronx Native, Moses “Bronx” McCarter began his studies in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira in the city of Salvador Bahia, Brasil. Upon his stateside return after three years of full-time study in Capoeira, percussion, and Maculelê, he began sharing the art form as an artist and instructor throughout The Bronx. Partnerships as a teaching artist include The Bronx Arts Ensemble, The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, and The Bronx Music Heritage Center, offering the movement, music, martial art, and cultural expression that is Capoeira. He has since offered workshops in summits and seminars across the USA, as well as the globe, including France, Spain, Prague, and Canada. He has also been the principal performer in various events, parades, and presentations throughout NYC and abroad. Moses is committed to serving the greater Bronx community through Capoeira.

Bombazo Dance Company

The renowned Bronx based Afro Puerto Rican Dance Company preserving Bomba (dance, drum and song) and its connection with the African Diaspora!

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