Attention: The Bahamas needs your help!
Attention: The Bahamas needs your help!
Fri, 09/27/2019 - 12:06PM

Dear Friends of CCCADI,

In response to the many inquiries we at CCCADI have received regarding assistance and donations for our Bahamian brothers and sisters, we are partnering with the Consulate of The Bahamas to inform our communities about ways we can all help. 

Our hearts go out to the many who were been affected and devastated by Hurricane Dorian.  As Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has described the hurricane "it is one of the greatest atrocities the island has ever faced." 

We cannot be silent!  We call onto our CCCADI family to come to the aid of the families, colleagues and friends in The Bahamas who have lost so much - some have lost everything, even their lives. 

Below is a message from The Bahamas Consulate General New York on how we can help: 

The Bahamas Consulate General New York is accepting emergency relief supplies for the Islands of The Bahamas affected by the passage of Hurricane Dorian.  They are in need of medical supplies, water, canned goods, clothes, pampers, sanitary items, batteries, flashlights and other non-perishable items. Monetary donations are being made via wire to RBC Royal Bank. For wiring instructions please contact the office below via email. 

Items can be delivered to:
Bahamas House 231 East 24th Street, NYC, NY 10017
Telephone: 212-421-6420

We thank you in advance for your caring and generosity!

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