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La Marqueta Time Machine

| By
Alejandro Epifania

La Marqueta, 1607 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029

La Marqueta Time Machine AR project, located inside El Barrio?s La Marqueta, was originally developed by Maria de Mater O'Neill and Alejandro Epifanio for the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute's "Mi Querido Barrio" Augmented Reality Exhibition. The AR installation features a  fruit vendor cart, created by Epifanio, that showcases digital content from the original concept. The fruit vendor cart will act as the "time machine" to connect different food markets of Puerto Rico to "La Marqueta" in El Barrio, then and now. La Marqueta Time Machine will give viewers an interactive experience that will provide a perspective into how these multicultural food markets play an important role in creating and serving our community.

To learn more about the artists visit cccadi.org/miqueridobarrio.


STEP 1. Download the free Blippar app.

STEP 2. Choose an AR site/project from the Mi Querido Barrio map. Once you are at the selected location, identify your marker.

STEP 3. Open the Blippar app in your phone and scan the image or object you wish to activate.

Wait a bit as you blipp. The content can take a few seconds to load.
Make sure the image/object is well lit, using the flash feature if necessary.
Make sure to hold your device steady as you blipp.
With this particular AR site/project: Choose a photo from the fruit vendor cart to scan with the Blippar app. Close and repeat for each picture of the installation to view content. If you don?t have access to the physical marker, use the image marker on your Mi Querido Barrio Augmented Reality Guide, or visit cccadi.org/miqueridobarrio.


Alejandro Epifanio
Alejandro Epifania

Alejandro Epifanio, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a multifaceted artist?sculptor, painter, printmaker?as well as a designer and curator; he received his B.F.A. in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His work focuses on the physical and metaphysical nexus of the arts and its surrounding community. For more than ten years, he has remained close to the Lower East Side, Spanish Harlem, and South Bronx communities of New York City. His work constantly investigates the ideas of peace, tolerance, and unity or of displacement and abandonment. He continues to explore the possibilities offered by different mediums to inform a sensorial language.


His ?augmented reality? work in this exhibition, La Marqueta Time Machine, features an AR food vendor cart that displays and connects different food markets of New York City and Puerto Rico, then and now. Through videos, photographs, and texts containing information, La Marqueta Time Machine provides viewers with a visual and interactive experience that will expand their knowledge of the positive role these markets play in creating a sense of community, enriching our culture, and serving the residents as well as the many visitors who come here.

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