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The Spirit of East Harlem Mural

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Michael Shawn Cordero

The Spirit of East Harlem, E. 104th St. with Lexington Ave.

The Spirit of East Harlem Mural AR project, located on the corner of E. 104th St. with Lexington Ave., features a mural that has survived the elements, a fire and vandals. Each time this mural has been threatened, people have come together to preserve it, this way becoming a symbol of resilience in the community. Through articles, audio tracks and interactive activities that celebrate the residents of El Barrio, viewers will get to know more about the history behind The Spirit of East Harlem mural.

To learn more about the artists visit cccadi.org/miqueridobarrio.


STEP 1. Download the free Blippar app.

STEP 2. Choose an AR site/project from the Mi Querido Barrio map. Once you are at the selected location, identify your marker.

STEP 3. Open the Blippar app in your phone and scan the image or object you wish to activate.

Wait a bit as you blipp. The content can take a few seconds to load.
Make sure the image/object is well lit, using the flash feature if necessary.
Make sure to hold your device steady as you blipp.
With this particular AR site/project: Stand back from the small plaque that is on the wall and stand on the sidewalk somewhat close to the curb. Point the camera at the "El Barrio Tours" portion of the mural. If you don?t have access to the physical marker, use the image marker on your Mi Querido Barrio Augmented Reality Guide, or visit cccadi.org/miqueridobarrio.


Michael Shawn Cordero
Michael Shawn Cordero

Michael Shawn Cordero is a multimedia artist from Brooklyn, New York, whose work has been exhibited in New York, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, and Guatemala City. He is a creative agitator who believes in growing community first through education, social equity, and culture. Cordero has launched several successful arts and community-based businesses. He is motivated by the desire to facilitate economic and intellectual opportunities for community around him, especially its youth. With a strong reputation for promoting social, political, and cultural awareness to provoke change, his focus is primarily on using art and entrepreneurship to raise consciousness in the community.

Cordero has been a teaching artist with Urban Arts Partnership (UAP) since January 2008 and has recently become the EdTECH manager there. He has also designed and coordinated numerous youth-based art programs at UAP. His students? award-winning work has been featured in numerous film festivals and youth media conferences.

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